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Background of Activities

The National Council of Youth Organizations in Korea(NCYOK) was established by 15 non-governmetal youth organizations as a coordinating body in 1965. Since then the Council has been implementing organized, integrated activities for the youths and youth leaders in order to build cooperative foundations among government, NGOs, educational institutes and international organizations.

On December 10, 1966, the Council became a member of the World Assembly of Youth(WAY), and subsequently on August 15, 1972 the Council joined the Asian Youth Council(AYC) as one of the founding members. The National Council of Youth Organizations in Korea has played a vital role in contributing to Korean youths and youth organizations in the process of internationalization, diffusing and developing the youth movements through worldwide operations.

The work of the Council has also contributed to formulating youth policies such as "Youth Fostering Law" and "Youth Charter of Korea". In 2005, the National Council of Youth Organizations in Korea was incorporated under the "Youth Fundamental Law" amended and enacted a year earlier, acquiring a special status from the government as the representative Council of Youth Organizations in Korea.