Program Details

Program Details

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Opening Ceremony & Welcoming Banquet

  • Date
    July 16th 2019, 17:00
  • Attendees
    220 people (180 participants, 20 staff members and 20 distinguished guests)
  • Venue
    International Conference Hall, International Youth Center
  • Main Events
    Opening ceremony, Congratulatory performance, Congratulatory addresses by distinguished guests, Welcoming banquet, etc.


Special Lecture

Lecturer: Experts in each main-topic


  • Specifying 3 sub-categories for each main-topic, and making discussion groups by sub-categories
  • Selecting leaders and secretaries by groups to make atmosphere and lead the discussion (prior to the participants who have experience at international conferences or who are interested in the topics)

Summarizing Discussion Results & Preparing Presentation Materials

Results Presentation Session

  • Sharing the results of each group discussion
  • Presenting the results by each group leader

Program Operating Processes

  • STEP 1


  • STEP 2

    Special Lectures

  • STEP 3

    Group Discussions

  • STEP 4

    Preparation for Presentation

  • STEP 5

    Result Presentation Session

Indoor & Outdoor Activities

  • Practical Experiences regarding the theme

    • Providing learning opportunity through the programs related to this year’s topic.
  • Cultural tour in Seoul

    • Providing opportunities to learn Korean culture and history by educational field trips
    • Tour Places: Seoul N Tower, Changdeokgung Palace, etc
  • Other programs

    • Voluntary discussion
    • Video and photo collage presentation
    • Youth night

Closing Ceremony & Farewell Party

  • Date
    July, 22th, 2019, 17:00
  • Attendees
    210 people (180 participants, 20 staffs and 10 guests)
  • Venue
    International Conference Hall, International Youth Center
  • Main events
    Closing Ceremony, Presentation of certificate, Farewell banquet, etc.